Beginning of School Year 2020-2021

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year! We will use this page as a reference to all beginning of year tasks. This is a running list to be added as we go!


Please read all following information very carefully. You will find:


  • Required Orchestra Supply Pickup Day for ALL Orchestra Students: Tuesday, August 11th
  • Online Orchestra Forms and Fees: Links and info
  • What Orchestra class will look like next year
  • Remind 101 Class Codes




  • Tuesday, August 11th is going to be the day where ALL orchestra students pickup their orchestra supplies.
  • All students will receive their new orchestra binder of music and orchestra t-shirt
  • Beginners will receive their rented instruments/kit supplies along with their binder and T-Shirt
  • Please note that it’s very important that you come and pickup these supplies, as their needed right from the first day of school. Dowell MS is going to be release specific times, please stay tuned!






For the first time this year all forms and fees can be completed online!


  • Please go to the following link to complete the required forms for orchestra. These are required for every orchestra student:
  • For your reference, the handbook has been embedded into the forms. If you are interested in private lessons, please indicate in the online forms as well. Space fills up quickly! Please note that private lessons are available for both in person and virtual students.
  • These forms do not include spirit gear. We will send out spirit gear information after school starts.




  • Orchestra fees info: Dowell Orchestra has drastically reduced their fees for the 2020-2021 school year. We will be collecting $20 per student for Upper Level orchestra students and $35 per student for Beginner orchestra students.
  • The fees cover each student’s orchestra T Shirt, their orchestra binder, and their Solo Entry fee. The beginners have an additional $15 Korg Pitchclip tuner added to their supplies (this is normally purchased in the middle of the year during a field trip which was cancelled).



  • If you have any questions about these fees or have any problems paying them, please let me know!






Orchestra is offered both in person and virtually this year. All students will have the ability to have a quality experience in orchestra whether they choose virtual or online school option; it will be greatly improved from the Spring 2020 online school year! Please note that all students will need their instruments and supplies for the first 3 weeks of school, as we are planning to begin the year with playing our instruments!


For those choosing the In-Person option, we are able to space students 6 feet apart and play while masked per CDC, State, and school mandates. We are also going to devise a system which students aren’t sharing instruments (cellos and basses), and will continue to follow any up to date mandates from local, state, and federal agencies.


Returning students should not not feel anxious if they haven’t practiced over the summer or feel like they have forgotten everything from last year! We’re going to do lots of review and make sure every student feels successful on their instrument.





We use the Remind 101 platform to send out important class reminders to students. I only try and send out only important reminders for each class and do not overuse this function.


To join, text the phone number 81010 the following text message (be sure to type the @ sign):

  • Beginner Orchestra Code: @3e8bgke4k
  • Philharmonic Orchestra Code: @97g4d66g
  • Sinfonietta Orchestra Code: @3eaee734
  • Honors Orchestra Code: @h8hadddh



Thank you so much, please let me know if you have any questions!